True Foxes

True Foxes

1 August at 7.30pm

Ernst Aines and Camille Trail

Ernest Aines and Camille Trail

10 August at 7.30pm

Doug Allan at the Emperor colony

Wild Spaces with Doug Allan

3 September at 7.30pm

Richard Curnow in Call Me Oz at Helston Old Chapel 8th December 22

To Be 0r Not To Be

26 September at 7.30pm

Wake the River

Wake The River

10 September at 7.30pm

Chris White

Sprout Spoken

11 October at 7.30pm

Can't Wait to Leave

Can't Wait To Leave

12 October at 7.30pm



13 October at 7.30pm

Queenagers banner


23 October at 7.30pm

Kit Hawes and Aaron Catlow

Kit Hawes and Aaron Catlow

9 November at 7.30pm