King Lear - Carn Marth

Freely adapted and directed by Bill Scott 13 Jul 2022 - 14 Jul 2022
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This summer, Cornwall’s Miracle Theatre presents Shakespeare’s most elemental and passionate play.  

King Lear is an exquisitely dark tale about a family squabble that grows out of all proportion, blowing up into a storm of deadly force. 

 This fresh and fast-paced adaptation of Shakespeare’s text - pared down to its bare essentials – tells a shocking, yet tender, story of ageing and madness, fuelled by ambition and fired by betrayal. 

Shakespeare loved to weave theatrical magic out of tragedy in a way that is never far from farce, making King Lear ripe for Miracle’s unique treatment!  

What audiences have said about previous Shakespeare adaptations by Miracle  

“A triumph of artistry over logic, so inspired and hugely enjoyable” The Tempest  

“Better than Stratford in June” Romeo & Juliet  

Seating at the Venue

Most venues are flat and grassy so it is advisable to bring a chair as seating is not provided (except for St Mary's Chaplaincy where chairs are provided onsite), and arrive early for the best spot.