Songs for Explorers

Presented by Squashbox Theatre and People's String Foundation 1 Jun 2024 - 2 Jun 2024
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Squashbox Theatre has been creating marvellous, quirky and ingenious shows for children and adults for over 15 years. Squashbox productions are full of puppetry, storytelling, fantastic facts and comedy – but also clever, catchy, toe-tapping songs about animals, nature, science and the amazing world we live in. 

Now Craig Johnson of Squashbox Theatre has teamed up with musicians extraordinaire Ben Sutcliffe and Zaid Al-Rikabi  from The People’s String Foundation to bring you Songs for Explorers!

‘Songs for Explorers!' is a fun-packed concert of music from the shows of Squashbox Theatre, played on accordion, violin, guitar, trombone, harmonica, ukulele, double bass and mandolin, exploring themes as diverse as bees, trees, animals, evolution, rocks, mermaids, Greek Gods, famous scientists, planets and stars! 

And – as if that is not enough – there will be surprise appearances by some of the characters and puppets from your favourite Squashbox shows! 

So put on your explorer’s hat and join Squashbox Theatre and The People’s String Foundation as they take you on a musical journey through the universe, in Songs for Explorers! - the show with everything… and MORE!

Perfect for children and adults of all ages.