Cosmo Sheldrake

presented by The Cornish Bank 19th Jul 2024 7:30pm
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Cosmo is a UK-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer, live improviser, and field recordist. His music ranges widely from celebratory anthems to soulful elegies to riotous party numbers, to sparse electronic production, to haunting polyphonic songs that have grown out of field recordings of birds, whales, fish, frogs, and fungi, and more. Running through all his work is a belief that the living world is a noisy and musical place with the power to change how we think, feel, and imagine. Together with his human and non-human collaborators, Cosmo creates music that speaks to the urgency and possibility of our times.

Cosmo has toured internationally with sold-out headline shows across North America, Europe, and Japan. He has composed music for both film and theatre and, in 2015, ran a community choir in Brighton, UK. Cosmo’s song Come Along was featured in a high-profile global Apple commercial, resulting in the track charting at number 39 on the US Digital Songs chart. In 2020, his song Birthday Suit became a top trend on TikTok and currently has over 60 million streams on platforms with over 1 million video uploads using the track. In 2020, he released Wake Up Calls on his label Tardigrade Records, featuring tracks composed entirely from recordings of endangered British birds. In 2023, Cosmo released Wild Wet World, an EP that is an homage to the ocean. His new album, Eye to the Ear will be released in April 2024. See his Linktree for shows, merch, and more.

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