Gillian Burke

I Can See the Sea 11th Sep 2024 3:30pm
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Join biologist and TV presenter, Gillian Burke, on a road-trip down memory lane as she recalls her chaotic family holidays to the seaside on the Kenyan coast.  Whether it’s Kenya or Cornwall, Gillian muses on the draw of the sea and its power to make us pack up and embark on epic journeys (at least that’s what they feel like when you’re stuck in a car with your family) to the seaside.  A hilarious and heart-warming blend of storytelling, soundscapes, and science for the whole family.

Whether from the natural world or the human world, she is drawn to the rich vein of stories that are full of universal themes of awe and wonder, defeat and victory, struggle and survival.  As a scientist, Gillian is committed to tracking down and sharing evidence of hope.  It’s why she defiantly remains an optimist (on most days).

Gillian presents on the BBC's much- Springwatch series alongside hosts Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan, Iolo Williams & Megan McCubbin.  Gillian lives in Cornwall where she hosts her podcast, If I Ruled the World, available on Spotify and Apple podcasts.