Roo Panes

30th Sep 2024 7:30pm
Booking opens Wednesday 26 June

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British folk singer-songwriter Roo Panes has released his new album ‘The Summer Isles’ following 2022’s ‘Nightjar and the Nightingale’ EP.

Stumbling upon something profound in the form of an abstract thought turned beautiful reality, the album’s title came to Roo before he later discovered it to be a genuine place; an archipelago off the western coast of Scotland. In Roo’s own words, the ‘Summer Isles’ also refer to the various “glowing islands” that have kept him afloat these past few years; from the people he loves (‘Our Time’, ‘I Just Love You’), to the memories that bring him joy (‘Suburban Pines’, ‘Fairy Falls’, ‘Notes From A Holiday’), along with other reflections, and longings yet to be fulfilled.

Encompassing both a yearning for adventure, and a keen sense of place, in ‘The Summer Isles’ Panes presents a mature and accomplished collection that explores a multitude of themes including love and refuge, childhood memories and nostalgic wonder. The breadth of emotion on show throughout the album is testament not only to Roo as a songwriter, but moreover as a person. Across each of these gentle yet powerful songs, Roo Panes appears as someone truly in love with life; who cherishes each and every small moment of joy, however fleeting.

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