Wendy and Peter Pan

by Ella Hickson 19 Aug 2024 - 22 Aug 2024
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presented by the Hertfordshire Players

J.M. Barrie’s much loved classic tale: refreshingly, radically retold. Wendy is off on an awfully big adventure as she leaves the unhappiness of her home to follow Peter Pan to Neverland, hoping to find her ‘lost’ brother. Along the way she will have to compete with the Lost Boys, contend with the feisty fairy Tink, confront the fiendish Captain Hook (accompanied by his crew of despicable pirates) and ultimately learn what it means to grow up.

Commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2013, Ella Hickson’s adaptation retains the charm of the original whilst bringing the story soundly into the 21st century, challenging “why the lost boys get to stay lost forever, but girls have to become mother”.

Lynsey Wallace’s first production with The Hertfordshire Players was as co-director for Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds (winner of the MInack Trophy 2008). Since then, she has appeared in Nicholas Nickleby (2016) and co-directed Alice (2018).